How To Get Into Industrial Buildings
With as Little as $25,000 and Start Earning Income Today!

Join a FREE LIVE WEBINAR on these dates,

at 6:00 PM MT (US and Canada)

Join a FREE LIVE WEBINAR on these dates, at 6:00 PM MT

(US and Canada)

📅 May 28, 2024

📅 May 28, 2024

We understand most people are frustrated with the low return on investment offered by their RRSP and this creates concern about their financial security for the future.

The truth is, not many people know they can use their RRSP's to get into real estate.

It’s a great time to look at your investments and see where you can venture into new ideas, diversify your portfolio, and grow your wealth.

Join our FREE WEBINAR and
Learn How To Invest In Industrial Buildings In The Top Market In 2024 In Canada

Join our FREE WEBINAR and Learn How To Invest In Industrial Buildings In The Top Market In 2024 In Canada

With Domenic Mandato,

President and CEO of InvestPlus REIT

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📅May 28, 2024

⌚6:00 PM MT (US and Canada)

📅May 28, 2024

⌚6:00 PM MT

(US and Canada)

In this FREE Webinar, you will learn:


How you can use your RRSPs to participate in investing in commercial buildings—without needing large sums of money and management teams!


How to be part of a $100M portfolio of buildings from BC to Saskatchewan with as little as $25,000.


What real estate assets are doing well, and which may be potentially extinct from the market.


How InvestPlus REIT values real estate deals and how that influences the return to investors like you.


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Meet Your Speakers

Domenic Mandato

CEO, InvestPlus REIT

Domenic Mandato is the President and Chief Executive Officer of both the Trust and the Administrator and is the sole director of the Administrator. He is also the founder of the Existing LPs.

He is a real estate investor and entrepreneur specializing in the acquisition, renovation and value enhancement of commercial and multifamily buildings in 5 cities and 3 different provinces. He has successfully acquired, managed and sold multi unit residential properties in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec over the last 21 years. Mr. Mandato has spent the last 18 years building and managing InvestPlus, a highly successful real estate investment and management company.

The REIT now has approximately $90 Million assets under management located in 5 cities in 3 different western Canadian provinces.

Peter Jarman

Chief Operating Officer, Axcess Capital

Peter Jarman is a Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Axcess Capital Advisors. He oversees business development, investment selection, advisor services, and sits on the Investment Review Committee.

Peter has worked in the exempt market for over 17 years, with experience as an investment issuer, managing partner and team leader, both in sales and operations. Prior to working with the Axcess Capital Advisors, Peter provided consulting services to product issuers, assisting them in building new distribution channels for exempt market investment offerings with EMDs and IIROC firms.

Peter is an engaging presenter and writer, and contributed a chapter on real estate in mixed asset portfolios for the book Taxation, Valuation and Investment Strategies in Volatile Markets (Carswell, 2010).

Josh Melnychuk

Dealing Representative, Axcess Capital

Josh Melnychuk is a seasoned professional, currently working with InvestPlus REIT as a Licensed Exempt Dealing Representative through Axcess Capital.

His role has equipped him with extensive knowledge and experience in the exempt market space across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.

His expertise lies in financial planning, investments, money management, insurance planning, and devising financial strategies.

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