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InvestPlus' Coronavirus Reflections Webinar

As we continue to navigate through a financially-tumultuous time thanks to the unprecedented effects of COVID-19, it has never been more imperative to reflect on which techniques have been successful in mitigating loss.

Join InvestPlus REIT President and CEO Domenic Mandato as a part of our EXCLUSIVE webinar series, where he will divulge just how the REIT has circumvented the major challenges presented by the coronavirus through diligence and expertise.

In this week’s webinar, you will learn:

-How InvestPlus REIT has effectively navigated through the COVID-era of real estate investment

-How over the last six months, the REIT has acquired more than 20 million dollars in assets delivering a 57% growth in asset value

-How the REIT has grown its investor base equity by 30% and how we continue to see great opportunities in light of COVID

-Market predictions for future prospects within the REIT

Domenic Mandato, President and CEO of InvestPlus REIT will cover these areas using current market figures and personal examples. Discover just how InvestPlus REIT has tackled one of the most important financial challenges in the country’s history.

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